If you’re preparing to put your house on the market, the presentation is everything. Staging a house—or, the process of strategically rearranging your furniture and décor—allows you to present the property in its best light, so that prospective buyers are more inclined to imagine themselves living there. Best of all, home-staging doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. In addition to keeping your house sparkling clean, there are plenty of small, simple changes you can make to your home to help it look its best.

Are you ready to sell your house as quickly as possible in 2019? Follow these tips to boost your property’s appeal in an instant.

  • Get rid of signs of pets. Sure, our cats and dogs are part of the family—but their presence isn’t always helpful when you’re trying to sell your house. Some potential buyers may not be animal people, so you’ll want to make sure you erase any sign of pets from your home. Remove any toys, litter boxes, water bowls, or food dishes, and clean your house from top to bottom to get rid of any pet hair.
  • Banish the clutter. Clutter is your worst enemy when you’re trying to stage your home. Go through room to room and declutter by removing extra items, paying special attention to your closet and pantry spaces. If you have more clutter than you know what to do with, consider hiring a trash removal service in Phoenix to take care of it for you. 
  • Reorganize your bookshelves. If your bookshelves are stuffed to the brim with all your books and trinkets, it’s time to reorganize: Step things up a notch, style-wise, by removing at least 25 percent of your books (if not more), and then artfully rearranging the ones that are left. Stack some horizontally, stack others vertically, and place just a few trendy trinkets on your shelves as bookends.
  • Depersonalize. If you truly want to sell your house as fast as possible, depersonalizing your property is crucial. This means getting rid of any family photos, personal souvenirs, décor with your name on it, or any other keepsakes. Remember, buyers want to be able to visualize themselves living in your home—and it’s hard to do this when there are pictures of another family all over the walls.
  • Keep things fresh. Plants and flowers can add serious life and freshness into a space. However, it's all about placement: Don't crowd your home with a bunch of plants; rather, space them out so as not to clutter any areas. A well-placed plant or fresh bouquet of flowers can do wonders for your home.
  • Buy white towels. This may seem oddly specific but putting out all-white towels in your bathroom is a small yet effective trick to staging your home. Crisp, white towels feel much cleaner and more luxurious than colored towels.
  • Don’t neglect the outside. While the interior of your house is the true selling point, curb appeal is important, too. This is because most potential buyers peruse listings online, so you want to make sure the outside of your home is in tip-top shape. Thoroughly clean your windows, plant flowers, mow the lawn, put out a welcome mat and brightly colored potted plants, trim any overgrown greenery, and maybe put out patio furniture (if you have space) to attract buyers. Your front and backyard upgrades are important. 
  • Stay neutral. You may appreciate big, vibrant pops of color—but potential buyers may not. Keep things as toned-down (and gender-neutral) as possible to appeal to a much broader audience.

Staging your home doesn’t have to be stressful or costly—as long as you deep-clean, declutter, and follow the rest of the tips on this list, you’ll undoubtedly sell your house in no time at all. Trust your local real estate experts to help you move to your dream home in Phoenix!