fireplace-by-krazy79Here in the Valley, we don’t need to worry about snow during our winters but that doesn’t stop us from needing the turn on our heaters from time to time. There are a few simple steps to follow every winter to make sure you aren't just wasting energy (and ultimately money) having your heater on.

Check for leaks! You will need to inspect the outside corners of your home, outdoor faucets and where siding and chimneys meet. Next is the inside. Check for drafts or gaps around outlets, switch plates, window and door frames, baseboards, attic hatches and weather stripping around doors.

Once you have checked those areas and made any necessary repairs, its time to think about upgrading your insulation. Insulation is your homes defense against cold air. There are several options available to you when choosing insulation including plenty of options for the “green” homeowner. Recycled paper, cellulose and denim insulations are just a few of those options. Who knew that you could insulate your home with your old jeans?


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