new decorAre you looking for ways to mix things up in your home in this new year? Here are some things to try.

New Style

Are you tired of the traditional look you have in your home? Or maybe 2013 found you on the modern bandwagon and now your home feels a little too stark for you liking? Try bringing in a few pieces from a different style for a slightly eclectic look and see you how feel.

Check out some great eclectic décor examples on Houzz.

New Color

Lets face it, beige can get boring. Boring old beige is an easy fix though. Paint is inexpensive, easy and totally temporary. If you fall in love with that peacock blue in the store but realize once its up that you hate it guess what? You can paint over it again!

New Arrangement

Furniture placement dictates how you will live in a room. The important factors to remember when arranging furniture are space available, room features, and scale. Whether you are buying new furniture or simply want to rearrange a room to get a better feel, don't forget those factors. Its good to have a feel for the obvious areas of traffic. Keep entry ways sparse and uninhibited to avoid the immediate feel being tight or constricted.

Mix it Up

Patterns, patterns, patterns! Over the last few years, layering patterns has been a pretty constant sighting in the fashion world. Patterns aren’t just for the runways and magazine covers though. You can use the same ideas in your home for a fun, fresh and “hip” look. Patterns can coexist quite well when paired with strong solids. Thats not to say that you are limited to white or beige when searching for a background color. Other neutrals, bolds and brights go wonderfully with patterns as well. Set the tone for your space with your décor and have fun doing it!


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