Phoenix weather fluctuates greatly through the seasons. The Valley boasts unarguably perfect temperatures during the winter months. While most people know that summers here are hot, there are a few other things you should know about Phoenix weather:


 1.     It’s not just hot


Phoenix is known for its scorching summer heat. That said, Valley residents will proudly tell you that it’s “not that bad.” In fact, there are truly only two or three weeks of unbearable summer heat that cause you to be locked inside your Phoenix home.


July and August usually bring the hottest temperatures. These months also bring a variety of different weather patterns as well. From humidity to the wind, Phoenix is certainly not just hot.


2.     It rains more than you might expect

On that note, it’s important to consider that Phoenix actually a rainy season. It’s actually known as the “monsoon,” but these summer storms usually bring a significant amount of moisture. Officially, the monsoon runs from mid-June to September, but the majority of the monsoon storms fall in late July and August.


With the monsoon comes humidity, rainfall, winds and dust storms called “haboobs.” If you’re not from here or if you just moved to Phoenix, it’s important to be informed about the dangers that come with this season.


3.     It can be dangerous

By no means do we want to scare you off from finding your dream home. There are very few places in the country with flawless year-round weather. That said, you should understand what summer and monsoon seasons bring for Phoenix residents.


The heat in Phoenix can be extremely dangerous. In the few weeks that temperature reaches above 110 degrees, the weather service will issue “excessive heat warnings.” During this time, it’s important to keep your family (pets included) indoors. The ground can be scorchingly hot (yes, we have fried an egg on the sidewalk), which means that your pup’s paws can easily be burned and blistered. If it’s over 75 degrees outside, it’s too hot to leave pets and kids in the car. The heat can become deadly within minutes. Use this guide to determine how hot your car might get.


4.     Your home needs special care during changing seasons

After summer comes to an end, it’s time to give you Phoenix home the TLC it desperately needs. With scorching heat and blowing dust, it’s inevitable that your space will need some upkeep. Here a few projects you should do during the fall in Phoenix:

-       Wash your windows. Dust sticks on to your exterior glass windows during the summer. Give your home the shine it needs and hire a window and house cleaner.

-       Seed your grass. We have two seasons for grass here, meaning that as temperatures cool, it’s time to seed your grass. A popular choice for the winter time is called Rye grass.

-       Prune your trees. Certain types of trees need special care during the fall. Oleanders are a popular plant in the Phoenix area. Make sure you wear gloves when pruning these plants, as they are quite poisonous.

-       Get rid of junk. When the summer sun is bearing down, it’s much easier to collect items than to be organized. When the temperature cools off, collect all your unneeded supplies and foliage and hire a junk removal service to remove it all.