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Sept. 24, 2018

Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Owning a home means owning homeowner problems, including the most infamous of homeowner problems: plumbing. If you’re worried that you’ll sink way too much money than necessary into your real estate investment (à la the poorly received 1986 movie, The Money Pit), follow along with this guide and we’ll help you make sure you don’t flush away thousands on home maintenance.


The first thing every homeowner should know when it comes to plumbing is what they’re able to repair on their own and what repairs they’ll need to call in backup for. Simple fixes include things like turning off the main water valve, turning off a water heater, fixing leaky pipes, stopping toilets from running, cleaning a shower head, unclogging a toilet, and fixing dripping faucets. You can easily learn these simple fixes from blogs and books, but when it comes to things like pipe blockages and burst pipes, you’ll want to immediately contact an expert to mitigate water damage, reduce the risk of personal injury, and avoid major property damages.

To supplement your budding plumbing knowledge, you’re also need some tools, like a plunger, a roll of duct tape, a pipe wrench, an auger, a snake, and an adjustable wrench. These can be purchased at any local hardware store. You should also pick up a maintenance book for those simple fixes.

Plumbing System

Homeowners should also know where certain things are in their home, like water valves, cut-off valves, and the water heater. If a pipe springs a leak, knowing where to go to shut off the water could easily save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in water damage repairs. The same is true for gas system valves. The main water shutoff valve is usually in a warmer place, like a basement, attached to an exterior wall, or inside an underground box. If you can’t find the valves on your own, your local utility company might be able to help you out in find where they are. The water supply valves for toilets, sinks, and applications are much easier to spot, and are usually within a few feet of their distributor. But just because they’re easy to find doesn’t mean it’s safe to put cleaning supplies, plants, or furniture to cover them up. In the event of an emergency, you’ll need immediate access to them.

Maintaining Plumbing System

Accessing pipes also means maintaining the environment around pipes to ensure nothing corrosive is affecting them. Climate issues, like an unexpected hard freeze, can also cause issues. If you’re not home, make sure a trusted neighbor or family member is able to check on your pipes for you. You can also prevent pipe freezes by properly insulating your pipes, especially in crawl spaces, attics, and wherever your pipes are exposed.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are a particularly troublesome staple of the home. While with regular maintenance and a good brand, water heaters have a lifespan of around 8 to 12 years, the location, design, quality of installation, and water quality will all impact the longevity of your unit. You should also know whether your water heater is electric or gas, in case you need to describe your issues over the phone with a plumber. Fixing or replacing a water heater can be a fairly expensive proposition, so it really helps to do regular maintenance on them, from checking the pressure valve and flushing the tank, to knowing how to light the pilot or connecting it to electric power.

If you’re in need of service manual resource for your water heater, you’re in luck: follow along here for handbooks on miscellaneous models for both commercial and residential uses.

Don't stress about these project when you think about buying a new home. Your experienced real estate agent will ensure you find your dream home and that inspections go well. Are you ready to start the search for Phoenix real estate? Contact us today!

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Aug. 30, 2018

Top Questions to ask a Real Estate Broker

It is easy to fall in love with what seems like the perfect home, only to end up with major financial headaches down the road. While immediate issues such as water pressure are important, it’s key to ask a real estate agent questions to help prepare for the future. Here are some top questions everyone should keep in mind before buying a home.


Buyers should set a budget upfront and see which homes fall in the range. A real estate broker may also be connected with mortgage brokers who can pre-qualify buyers. This way, a loan is already in place if needed.

Ask what the offering price of the home is based on. Some homes may be priced extremely low for a reason. Others may have a higher price due to a recent addition or home upgrade such as a modernized kitchen. Buyers should base their offer on what other homes in the area have sold for, not the asking price.

See how many offers the home has received. Homes with multiple offers sell quickly, so a buyer may need to make a strong offer for something they are set on. It also helps to find out how long a home has been on the market. The longer a home is up for sale, the more likely a buyer could get a discount.


Location is key, especially if a buyer eventually plans to sell the home they pick. A good real estate broker will be able to provide some insight into if the area is growing or declining. One area used to be prone to foreclosures could be the next hottest market.

Check to see which school district the home falls under, and review the ratings of local schools in the area. Families should also see how long it takes to commute to school or to work. Those who want to live closer to a city’s bustling social scene may have to sacrifice time sitting in the car during rush hour.

Along with your budget, consider your new commute to work. It might also be necessary to invest in a fuel-efficient car. But don’t get lost in exploring the new gadgets in cars and forget to check if the car will fit in the garage. Many real estate brokers say buyers end up with trucks too tall or too long for their garage.

Review any nuisance factors. Living next to a restaurant can be a nice convenience during the day but a headache at night with extra traffic. Also, highway noise may keep a light sleeper awake.

Home Condition

A broker or agent can help buyers estimate repair costs for major projects. Ask about the roof’s age, as newer roofs can last for decades. If a roof needs repair, it’s important to determine if the buyer or the seller will end up paying.

Check to see if the walls and attic have insulation, especially if the home is located in a colder climate. The U.S. Department of Energy previously recommended an upgrade if a home has insulation with a thickness of less than 11 inches. And a proper upgrade can help a family save up to $600 a year on energy costs.

Review the home’s plumbing history with the real estate broker. Ask if the sewer line has experienced any issues, as well as the plumbing. Burst pipes are one of the top homeowners insurance claims, so homebuyers should make sure exposed pipes are protected.


Previous owners should disclose any water damage, but an inspector can review the home in case. Long-term water damage can lead to mold and rot wooden beams. Both are dangerous for people’s health and expensive to fix.

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Aug. 24, 2018

The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip

When thinking of taking a road trip through Arizona, many people might imagine a long and boring drive through desert terrain. But they couldn’t be more wrong. For those who have taken a road trip in AZ before or are native to the state, you know that Arizona has a lot of unique beauty to offer.


Besides all the fun and interesting stops that you can experience along the way, an Arizona road trip can prove to be refreshing, enlightening, and wonderous. If you live in Phoenix and are itching to get on the road, we got you covered. Here is a list of things to consider and places to visit in the beautiful state of Arizona.


First of all, if you’re starting your road trip in Phoenix and haven’t explored Phoenix itself, then you’re in a great starting place. We highly suggest visiting Papago Park before heading to the other places on our list. Papago Park is a hiking haven with incredible scenic views and even a zoo nearby. The trail opens at 5 a.m., so it would be a fantastic first stop in the crack of dawn to enjoy the sunset. Next, we suggest making your way down towards Tucson.


To save time before you start, make sure you consider traffic in this area before taking off down the highway. Rush hour on the highway towards Tucson can put a real damper on your trip if you don’t time it correctly. Consider grabbing a new book on tape and drive a fuel-efficient car to ensure that you don’t have to stop for gas too often.  

Sonoran Desert

Taking I-10 Southbound and catching the 347 will take you straight to the Sonoran Desert National Monument. This desert is one of the most biologically diverse deserts in all of North America, and is definitely worth the drive. With three different main mountain ranges, this monument has vast desert plant-life to witness, an extensive Saguaro cactus forest, and an unlimited amount of fresh mountain air. With over 487,000 acres of Sonoran Desert Landscape, you can easily spend a day or two exploring this unique area.


Heading over towards Tucson, make sure to drive through the Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway, and make a visit to the Mission San Xavier del Bac, a Catholic mission from 1692 that is now a National Historic Landmark. This architectural building is great for taking some instagram-worthy photos and enjoying the in-person awe it gives off. If you’re looking for a stop to have some nighttime fun, we suggest heading over to Fourth Avenue. On Fourth Avenue you will find many funky shops to buy road trip trinkets, and nightclubs along the way for some spontaneous dancing. The great thing about Tucson is that there are so many unique sights to see and really fun things to do. You will never be bored! Other sights and stops can include the Rattlesnake Bridge, the Vista Sun Wheel, and the El Rio Neighborhood Center Murals.


Making your way back up North towards Flagstaff, you have the opportunity to visit three other huge Landmarks: The Tonto National Forest, the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, and the Coconino National Forest. These stops will call for some adventurous hiking, desert plant-life discoveries, and of course many gorgeous views.


One thing to consider while heading towards Flagstaff, however, is that you may hit some major traffic along the way. Road trips are mostly all fun and games, but traffic isn’t fun for anyone. The I-17 can get pretty congested during rush hour, so if you’re traveling on the Interstate during those busy times, it would be a great opportunity to stop and grab some lunch or spend a little extra time at the National Forest of your choosing. Or, take a more scenic route - you are on a road trip, after all! Having a large truck with plenty of trunk space also proves to be a huge plus when taking a long road trip, so choose wisely!

Grand Canyon

The big kahuna of landmarks in Arizona, The Grand Canyon, is quite possibly the biggest attraction area in the entire state. With its layered bands of red rock revealing millions of years of geological history, the Grand Canyon National Park gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every single year. This National Park covers an overwhelming amount of land, and there are plenty of fun things to do there such as backcountry camping, river trip opportunities, walking breathtaking trails and more. Make sure to witness either a sunrise or sunset when visiting here; it is a magical experience.


Arizona is nature’s finest museum. The Grand Canyon alone is worth a thousand mile road trip, but there are also thousands of other stops along the way that will help make your trip unforgettable. Go hiking through the many different national forests, visit some nifty and unique shops while driving through smaller towns, and soak in all the views throughout your time on the road itself. Arizona is a gorgeous state for a 7-10 day road trip, so get in your car and head to these wonderful places that will sit in your memory for years to come.

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July 24, 2018

7 Things to Consider Before Downsizing

There are a number of different reasons that people decide to downsize and move into a smaller home. Whether your kids are grown and out of the house, you are looking for something easier to maintain, or you have simply been put in a tricky situation and need to move, downsizing may be a good option. Before uprooting your home though, consider these seven things to make sure your move is the right one for you.

Size of Household

If you have a small family or your children recently took off to college, a big house can be a big burden. Downsizing to something that perfectly houses your family means less maintenance - and less unnecessary empty space. But if your household could potentially gain a few members, moving to a smaller home could be problematic down the road.


If you are planning to start a family or bring in pets, you may want to stick with a space that can accommodate a crowd. If you also enjoy hosting large groups of people, it may be best to remain in a suitable sized home. Consider whether or not your household is at its maximum capacity, or if you may be welcoming in new friends and family soon before making the big (or small) move. It’s also a good idea to consider what other areas you might be able to save when downsizing. For example, if you have a large van that fits a whole family, it might be a good idea to get a compact SUV that gets better gas mileage.

Is Your Home Sentimental?

You have probably already spent a number of years in your current home, settling in and making memories. While you might not realize it, your house can become a big component of your life. Have you established an elaborate backyard and patio setting? Maybe you have a special room or space dedicated to your hobbies that won’t occupy the same space in a smaller home. If you have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle within your home, it is subject to change once you are living in a smaller space, so think about if you are willing to part with the memories and set-up of your current home.

Cost of Moving

Perhaps you are looking to downsize to decrease your monthly bills and potentially even have a leasing company who handles large repairs. While downsizing in itself can lead to a cheaper living option, there are still a ton of costs associated with moving. Plus, you will likely still want to make your new space feel like home, and renovations can quickly add up - even for small projects. When you consider your budget for downsizing, be sure to include costs for closing both on your new and old home, movers, construction and any other pressing needs. Cut costs where you can so you are able to save up for the move.

Size of Space Needed to Live

When you are in a space, it can be hard to realize how you expand over time and how your favorite activities occupy space. But if you are downsizing, such as to a townhome, your living space will change. Floor plans for smaller homes also do not provide as much flexibility when it comes to decorating and furniture placement, so you may have to make due with a setup that fits the home well. Think about how much physical space you realistically need to go about your daily routine and maximize your smaller space.

Cost for Buying Smaller Furniture

Like moving costs, furniture costs may not be at the forefront of your mind, but the furniture that fits in your current home may not transfer to the layout of a smaller home. Factor in what furniture you can keep and what you will need to replace or ditch, and how that will impact your budget.

Current Real Estate Market

Depending on the fluctuation of the real estate market, you may not walk away with as much profit from selling your home as you would like. While big cities, like Phoenix, are seeing a boom in real estate prices, not all areas are, and you should consider the gain you will have from selling.


Probably one of the most important things to consider, the location of your move. Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, a new place is a new place and that is something exciting to celebrate. Cities like Scottsdale, Arizona are a great place to relocate as the city has seen a real estate boom in recent years. Homes in Scottsdale also have a wide variety of selling prices, so no matter your budget for downsizing, you can find a great home at the right price. Make sure to consider aspects like schools, nearby activities and attractions, crime rates, and even simple lifestyle changes like commute times.


Moving can be a tough decision to make, but downsizing is a great way to lower your expenses and give you more disposable income. Downsize to a smaller property so that you can live a simpler life and not have to stress over home maintenance.

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May 24, 2018

Ways to Beat the Heat in Phoenix

Ways to Beat the Heat in Phoenix

Summer usually brings happiness and outdoor joy. However, sometimes the summer heat can bring boredom and sweat. Especially in Phoenix, Arizona. Here in Phoenix, it can get so hot you can actually cook an egg on the sidewalk. As crazy as the heat can get, we have found tips and tricks to beat the heat and keep the summer blues at bay. Whether you are visiting or just moved, all of these tips will be perfect for you to enjoy the summer in some form. Let’s dive right in and see how we can beat the heat in Phoenix!

The Basics

Let’s touch base on how hot it can really get here. The average high temperature in the summer months can get up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also note that the skies tend to stay blue. This means a lot of direct sunlight. The basic ways to beat the heat in Phoenix, Arizona are the same as anywhere else.


Drink a lot of water, aim for the shade, and make sure to carry around a travel sized pack of sun block. Of course, staying hydrated is most crucial. This means drinking up to 10 glasses of water each day just to beat the heat and stay healthy. You always want to protect your skin as much as possible from the harmful UV rays. This is where the shade and the sunblock come in. Nothing is worse than burning your skin and having to manage your day with a sunburn.

Keep the House Cool

Keeping the house cool can get pretty expensive in the summer just running the air conditioning. At times, it will even feel like the air conditioning isn’t working as well as it could. This usually means that you need to make efforts in different places throughout the house. Begin by trying to create as much shade as possible. Sunlight coming into the home will get trapped and take advantage of that little piece of well-known science we all know as the greenhouse effect. Not letting the sun in will cool down the core temperature of the home.


You can also start placing fans in every room. There are all kinds of fans out there, and while having 10 fans going can get noisy, at least it beats the heat. When it comes time to do the yard work, you will want to aim to do it when the sun is setting or rising. This is obviously when it will be most cool and keep you away from the dangers of heat exhaustion. Working in the heat can cause a heat stroke easily so take this tip wisely. When you are all done getting the house cooled down, you can get yourself a huge block of ice and drop it in the pool to cool it down. Trust me, after working all spring to be ready for a trendy swimsuit, you’ll want to take advantage of a nice cool dip in the pool.


The pool isn’t the only way to cool down in Phoenix, Arizona. You can always float the Salt River! This is a favorite past time in Phoenix. Just grab your friends and head on down. Maybe even bring some nice cold beers. Just be sure that you bring cans and not bottles and always bring your trash out with you.


If floating the river isn’t quite your thing, you can always go and visit the desert botanical gardens. During the summer, the temperature there is 10-15 degrees lower than the outside. This makes the gardens a beautiful place to go to relax and escape the heat!

Keeping the Car Cool

One of the worst things about not having a garage in Phoenix is that your car can get very hot. Luckily, there are ways to keep your car cool. Obviously, you will want to get a windshield sun cover. This will help keep the majority of heat away. Tinting your windows is also a good idea. As for the seats, you can place a towel over them. Many also get interior cleaner that can block UV rays so that way your car’s interior will last longer.


These are among the top ways you can fight back the heat and be comfortable during the scorch of a Phoenix summer. Just remember, rule number one is to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day! Then, keep your skin up to date on the sunscreen. After you get the hang of this, beating the summer will be a piece of cake. The sun won’t even be able to stop you!

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March 9, 2018

St Patrick’s Day Events in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona hosts a variety of exciting and busy events for St. Patrick’s Day. There is something for people of all ages. Parades, festivals, and parties occur in Phoenix at this time of year and you won’t want to miss a single one. Immerse yourself, and your family in Irish culture with the events that provide music, food, and beverages. Navigating through the busy times in high-traffic areas can be frustrating, but these events are absolutely worth it.


When riding in the car to a busy event, you will most likely encounter traffic. Especially when it is a holiday and everyone is trying to get somewhere. Whether you’re with your kiddos or a group of friends, this situation is not ideal. Get to your event on time by leaving with plenty of time, accounting for traffic, and time to find parking. Make sure all riders are comfortable within the car to make the traffic more bearable. The comfort level of the driver should be most important, since they will carry most of the stress traffic ensues. A comfortable, quiet, smooth ride will provide a relaxing drive, even through traffic. This can be achieved with the right car. While driving to the St. Patrick’s Day event, make the ride more fun and play car games or listen to a St Patrick’s Day playlist.For this drive, you will want to drive a car that has efficient fuel so riders are saving money on gas, especially in stop-and-go traffic. For more tips and tricks for commuting to your St. Patrick’s Day event, view the Ultimate Guide To Commuting.


 The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire began in the year 1984 and was so well received by guests that it has continued ever since. This event is quite large and attracts thousands each year. The parade takes over 3rd Street in Phoenix and begins at 10am. Viewers line the street each year, so make sure you and your family arrive early to get a good spot. The parade is packed with performers, floats, marching bands, Irish dancers, and bagpipes. The fun doesn’t stop there; following the parade is the faire, which takes place at the Irish Cultural Center at Hance Park. Here, there are 3 stages of Irish music, Step dancing, and bagpipers. There is also food and drinks, crafts, a children’s area, and more for everyone to enjoy. Tickets are needed to be a part of the faire, but the enjoyment within will be worth it.


The Musical Instrument Museum is hosting an “Experience Ireland” event for visitors or members of the MIM. The event occurs from 9am-5pm on St. Patrick’s Day and on Sunday, March 18th. The event will be celebrating Irish music and culture by playing traditional Celtic tunes. This event is family-friendly and includes crafts, face painting, music, a photo booth, and food. The museum’s café will be serving Irish-Inspired food for lunch such as bangers and mash, corned beef, and traditional Irish soda bread. If you plan on attending this event, allot the duration of the event to ensure you don’t miss an activity. You and your family can enjoy the traditions of Ireland at the Musical Instrument Museum.


Shamrock Fest is the St. Patrick’s Day event for music lovers and gathers large crowds each year. This music festival, held at the Dr. AJ Chandler Park, hosts a variety of artists for this event. Headlining the event is Alien Ant Farm and local artists and entertainers will be performing as well. Shamrock Fest is superior for the Irish music but the food trucks, beer-cocktail garden, and traditional Irish cuisine make the event a must-see. This can be an adult getaway, or a family-friendly event with a family activity zone, games, and more. Children under 12 are able to get in without a ticket. For this event, gates open at 11am and close at 11pm. Shamrock Fest is a must-attend for those in Phoenix, AZ.


A more adult-centered St. Patrick’s Day event in Phoenix is the LPGA Guinness Party. Golf-lovers and beer-lovers can come together and enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day with golf, games, and a pint. This event brings beer and golf together for the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup at Wildfire Golf Club. From 4pm-7pm, stop by the driving range at Wildfire, drink a pint of Guinness, play Irish-themed games, and listen to Irish music. In previous years, players have stopped by to greet guests. Guinness supplies prizes at the door for some of the visitors.


Phoenix hosts riveting events for St. Patrick’s Day, some for the family and some adult-centered. These events will all attract large crowds and you should join in on the fun. While traffic, busy roads, and difficult parking will be present, don’t let this stop you from enjoying St. Patrick’s Day. Leave early; allot time for traffic, carpool to ensure more parking is available. Each of these events will be worth enduring traffic for.

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Feb. 28, 2018

Staging Your Home: Spring-cleaning Tips

It’s almost here, the wonderful season of spring. For most people in the US, spring brings about a welcome change in temperature as well as weather. Hopefully no more snow, the days get longer, and the colors of the trees start to change back to green. Here in the Valley, we don’t experience this same type of spring, but most residents participate in some spring-cleaning.

Spring-cleaning has become a ritual for most Americans, often going through and getting rid of extra junk accumulated from summer through to winter and giving the house a good deep clean.

Spring is also a great season to buy and sell Phoenix real estate. As the weather warms up a bit, Phoenicians venture out and consider new ideas and investments. If you’re planning on selling your home this spring, don’t forget these often over-looked staging and cleaning tips.

Curtains, Throw Pillows and Trash Cans

These three items are frequently touched used or otherwise manipulated on a consistent basis in any home. That means they will pick up dust, dirt, and grime and need to be cleaned at the very least once a year. For throw pillows it’s as simple as removing the covers and throwing them in the washing machine.

Curtains can be washed as well but some recommend vacuuming with an attachment, so it might be a good idea to check the label first on yours that way you don’t ruin your favorite set.

Trash bins can be washed with Clorox or any other antibacterial scrub. It might be a good idea to let the trash can soak in warm water with the scrubbing solution to off anything especially sticky.


Cleaning appliances during your spring-clean often means wiping down the stove and oven, throwing out old items and wiping down the fridge as well as the microwave.

Aside from the regular cleaning it’s a good idea do go a bit further and check up on your trusty appliances. Washing machines benefit from a mixture of bleach and vinegar allowing the bleach to take care of mildew and bacteria and the vinegar to dissolve the soap scum and mineral deposits. We recommend cleaning your washing machine at least twice a year.

If you have a tank style water heater, it’s a good idea to check the anode rod to see if it has disintegrated. Anode rods sacrifice themselves to protect the inside lining of your water heater which in turn makes your water heater last longer and saves you valuable cash. Not necessarily a cleaning item, but a good thing to check on once a year and something an inspector with look out before you sell.

If your bathroom has an exhaust fan it’s a good idea to uninstall it from the ceiling, disconnect the fan and wipe everything down with a damp cloth. These things accumulate dust like crazy so be prepared to see a lot of dust bunnies when you pull it down!


Often cleaning the bedroom means a good wash for the sheets, pillowcases and comforters but the mattress can be easily neglected. They pick up crumbs and dust even with new and clean sets of sheets so it’s a good idea to vacuum with an attachment to make sure all that stuff gets picked up.

If there are stains some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide do wonders at getting them out or at the very least less visible. If you have access to a back yard or patio, it might be a good idea to let the mattress get some sunlight, fresh air and sunlight help fight bacteria!

Selling Your Home this Spring


These spring-cleaning tips should help get the ins and outs of your home clean and ready for an open house in no time. There are tons of important ways to stage a home for selling. Contact us today to find out exactly what needs to be done before your sell your home.

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Feb. 8, 2018

Moving to Phoenix? Here’s What You Should Know

By Abigail Golder


Moving to Phoenix? Here’s What You Should Know

The Valley of the Sun is hot not just in temperature but with fun activities for the entire family. From a staycation at some of the Southwest’s best resorts, to excited zoos and waterparks, there are dozens of places to cool off and have a good time. Phoenix is now the 5th largest city by population in the United States, however, the population is spread out over several suburbs and miles of space. In fact, New York City is ten times denser in population than Phoenix. With more land and big city amenities, Phoenix is a great place to start your career, raise a family or retire in 2018. Here are several things you need to know before you move to Arizona’s largest city.

More than just Phoenix

Many think that Phoenix is just one large city spanning for miles and miles, however, each suburb has its own character and traits that make it unique. For example, you may want to live in Scottsdale if you’re looking for plenty of places to shop, eat and go out. Scottsdale also has a great waterfront with luxury condos and homes to rent and buy. You’ll probably hear the term “the Valley” used to describe the greater-Phoenix area. This term encompasses the city of Phoenix and the many cities and suburbs that surround it. From the city of Mesa with over 450,000 residents to the college town of Tempe, there are so many options for places to live, go and see. Families flock to areas like Glendale and Gilbert where you can even find farm life and open land. Each town is only about a 20 to 30 minute drive from Phoenix because of the convenient highways systems; you can have the perks of living in a smaller town with big city amenities.

Sporting events from around the country

Even if you’re not a fan of the MLB Arizona Diamondbacks or NFL Cardinals, there are sports teams from around the country right here in Phoenix. Cactus League Spring Training brings thousands of baseball fans each year to see teams from around the country. See the Chicago Cubs play the Los Angeles Angels right in Scottsdale. Then, enjoy the local restaurants that offer deals and activities all season long. The Cactus League hosts 15 teams in Phoenix and the surrounding cities. Many don’t realize that Phoenix is also a destination for national sporting events, conferences and tournaments. The city has also hosted the Super Bowl several times as well as the NCAA Final Four.

Outdoor activities all year-round

From great shopping and tons of things to do in Phoenix, you’ll never want to leave Arizona’s largest city. However, when the 100 plus temperatures start wearing you down, sanctuary isn’t far. Some may picture Arizona as a dry desert with no greenery, however, Flagstaff and Sedona are two hours from Phoenix with forests and ski slopes. Phoenicians are very active people that enjoy outdoor activities year-round. From golf and swimming in the summer to hiking, biking and running in the other seasons, there’s no time you can’t get outdoors and enjoy your city. One of Phoenix’s most popular hiking destinations, Camelback Mountain, is in the middle of the city and gives breathtaking panoramic views of the entire valley. Make your friends jealous and post a picture in shorts or by the pool in the middle of January. Then, in the summer head to a nearby lake to cool off. Lake Pleasant and Roosevelt Lake are two destinations that are less than an hour from Phoenix. 

Easy to get around

Phoenix is spread out, meaning you’ll probably need a car in order to get around the different areas and suburbs. The Valley Metro Light Rail also makes it easy to commute between Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa with expansions continuing throughout other areas of the Valley. Before you move here, consider finding somewhere to live along the light rail or bus system for stress-free commuting. That said, because of the highway design, rushhour congestion is really only an issue in specific parts of the city. Most of the time, city driving is a breeze.

Don’t sweat the heat

The truth is, Phoenix is extremely warm about four months of the year. However, one of our favorite lines to use when people ask about the heat is that, “you can’t shovel sunshine.” Exchange your shovels and sweaters for temperatures in the comfortable 70’s and 80’s for a majority of the year. In the summer, many locals and tourists enjoy staycations at local resorts that offer steep discounts. It’s also a popular time to take vacations and explore Northern Arizona to cool off. Plus, Phoenix doesn’t get the extreme humidity like states in the South. But don’t say it’s a dry heat, Phoenicians get pretty heated about that phrase. 


The City of Phoenix is more than meets the eye. If you can take the heat for a few months out of the year, it truly is one of the best cities in the country. With world-class entertainment, diverse communities and outdoor activities, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t move to Phoenix a long time ago. If you’re ready to explore the gorgeous homes Phoenix has to offer, contact our experts for all your Phoenix real estate needs. 

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Dec. 23, 2016

January 2017 Events in Phoenix Arizona

January Events

2nd Friday Night Out in Mesa
Live music, entertainment, art walk, prizes. Each month has a theme. Family friendly. Free admission. On Main Street in Downtown Mesa.
In 2017: 2nd Friday of the month

6th Street Market
Original arts and crafts, live music, shopping. Family-friendly. Free admission. Downtown Tempe.
In 2017: every Sunday in January

Arabian Horse Farm Tour
Scottsdale's prominent Arabian horse farms open their doors, welcoming the public to enjoy National Champion horses, meet top trainers, and learn more about this breed.
In 2017: January 1, 2017

Arizona Bach Festival
Bach lovers attend concerts at various venues in Phoenix.
In 2017: January 14 - 29

Arizona Balloon Classic
Hot air balloons, family entertainment, vendors and more.
In 2017: January 20 - 22

Arizona Cardinals Football
The Arizona Cardinals play professional football at University of Phoenix Stadium.
In 2017: January 1

Arizona Concours d’Elegance
Rare and exceptional automobiles on display. Ticketed event. Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix.
In 2017: January 14

Arizona Coyotes Hockey
Our professional NHL hockey team hopes to howl its way to the Stanley Cup. They play at the Gila River Arena.
In 2017: Various dates in January

Arizona Derby Dames
All-girl roller derby since 2006. Now playing on a banked track. Phoenix.
In 2017: January 7, 28

Arizona Fine Art Expo
A 10 week event in north Scottsdale. See designers, painters, sketchers and sculptors at work. Demonstrations and workshops, fine wines and cuisine.
In 2017: January 13 - March 26

Arizona Musicfest
A winter music festival covering many genres, held at various locations in Scottsdale.
In 2017: January 27 - March 10

Arizona National Livestock Show
Arizona's largest livestock show. Exhibits and competitions. Cowboy Classics Western Art & Gear Show. Held at the ?Arizona State Fairgrounds in Central Phoenix.
In 2017: December 27, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival
Vegetarian food companies, restaurants, and health and wellness vendors. Scottsdale Civic Center Amphitheater.
In 2017: January 28, 29

Art After Work
A painting party for couples, friends, anyone. Learn how to paint your own take on classic masterpieces and local landscapes. Instructor and art supplies provided. Online registration required. Tempe Center for the Arts.
In 2017: January ?

Art Walk - Centennial Circle
Docent led tours of the Fountain Hills public art collection. Tours are in the morning, take approximately one hour and begin in the Community Center Sculpture Garden. There is a charge for the tour. Reservations required.
In 2017: January 14, 28

Astronomy Evenings
A talk (novice level) explaining facts about the solar system and the galaxy around the planet earth followed by observing the moon, several planets, star systems through a celestron telescope. Weather permitting. Registration required. Ages 8+. Pinnacle Peak Park, Scottsdale.
In 2017: January 28

Aviation Day at the Capitol
Information about Arizona's aviation industry and the businesses that it enables. Festivities will include actual aircraft and displays. Aircraft owners and pilots, airport managers, aviation manufacturers and educators and members of the Arizona’s military community will discuss the importance of aviation in Arizona with state legislators.
In 2017: January 17

Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction
Every January at WestWorld in North Scottsdale people, including the rich and famous, flock to the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction. It is billed as the world's most valuable classic car auction.
In 2017: January 14 - 22

Beyond the Bricks
Live music, beer, wine, food. Free admission. Bring a blanket. Hayden Square Amphitheatre in Downtown Tempe. Take light rail!
In 2017: January 5, 12, 19, 26

Birds 'n' Beer
Birds 'n Beer offers local professionals a fun and refreshing way to learn about Arizona birds and other wildlife while networking with fellow nature-lovers. Have a cold brew while enjoying an enlightening and lively presentation on Arizona nature. Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center in Phoenix. RSVP requested 602-468-6470.
In 2017: January 19

Breaking Ground Festival
Contemporary dance and film presented by national and local dancers, choreographers, digital artists. Tempe Center for the Arts.
In 2017: January 27, 28

Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival
Arts, crafts, entertainment, wine. Over 150 artists will have displays. This is one of Arizona's largest wine tasting events, featuring wines from Arizona, California, Australia, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Sponsored by Thunderbird Artists.
In 2017: January 20 - 22

Cave Creek Indian Market
Arts and crafts, Native American dancers, musicians and storytellers, traditional southwest cuisine. Stagecoach Village, Cave Creek.
In 2017: January 20 - 22

Celebration of Fine Art
Scottsdale hosts over 100 artists from Arizona and elsewhere in its big white tents.
In 2017: January 14 - March 26

Chandler Symphony Orchestra
Indoors. Family-friendly. Free, donations accepted.
In 2017: January 29

Chandler Multicultural Festival
Food, music, dance, displays, storytellers and more at the Chandler Fashion Center mall.
In 2017: January 14

Chocolate and Wine Experience
Hosted by the Scottsdale League for the Arts. Chocolate to eat, play with and drink. The Saguaro Scottsdale.
In 2017: January 27

Crossroads of the West Gun Show
The shows offer hundreds of tables of interest to both the once a year hunter and the avid collector. Mesa Centennial Hall.
In 2017: January 14, 15

Desert Ridge Marketplace Concerts
Free concerts on two stages in North Phoenix at Desert Ridge Marketplace.
In 2017: Every Friday and Saturday night

Desperado GLBT Film Festival
Featuring films from the gay and lesbian community. Paradise Valley Community College Center for the Performing Arts.
In 2017: January 27 - 29

Discount Tire Free Family Weekend
Free admission for everyone at Phoenix Art Museum on the second Sunday of the month. Includes a special hands-on, educational programming and/or entertainment designed to appeal to visitors of all ages. Special exhibitions may have a reduced charge. More about Phoenix Art Museum. See directions and map.
In 2017: January 7, 8

Downtown Chandler Art Walk
Visit more than 50 artisans set up along the streets in front of the unique shops and cafes of Historic Downtown Chandler. Free.
In 2017: January 20

Embracing Your Journey Expo
A holistic, wellness and metaphysical event designed to enlighten and inform allowing people to explore alternative health and lifestyle products and services. Phoenix.
In 2017: January 8 

First Day Hikes
Many Arizona State Parks host hikes to celebrate the new year outside in a healthy activity.
In 2017: January 1

First Friday
Visit more than 60 downtown Phoenix art galleries, studios and art spaces. Free.
In 2017: first Friday in January

Fitness in the District
Certified instructors will lead one-hour classes to DJ beats, while fitness motivators work the group and assist attendees with moves. Free, bring your own mat. All ages. Refreshments and giveaways (while supplies last). WaterDance Plaza at Westgate Entertainment District, Glendale.
In 2017: every Tuesday in January

Flagg Gem and Mineral Show
Rocks, minerals, geology, and science. Activities for children. Mesa Community College. Free admission.
In 2017: January 6 - 8

Fountain Hills Indian Market & Southwest Art Festival
Artists display traditional and contemporary jewelry, sculpture, artwork, and handcrafts. Fountain Hills.
In 2017: January 28, 29

Friday Night Drags
Local bring their own vehicles and race at Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park, Chandler. Drivers and spectators welcome.
In 2017: January 13, 20

Gilbert Art Walk
Local artists set up booths to display their work. Community booths and children's activities. Free admission. Downtown Gilbert.
In 2017: January 7, 21

Gold Canyon Arts Festival
More than 100 artists will participate. Musical entertainment and food booths. Free admission. Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, 6640 S. King’s Ranch Road, Gold Canyon
In 2017: January 28

Gooding & Company Car Auction
View rare and classic vehicles that will be auctioned on the final day of the event. Held adjacent to Scottsdale Fashion Square.
In 2017: January 18 - 21

Health & Wellness Expo
All ages. Health-related activities for kids and adults. Programs include Medication Interactions, Immunizations, Senior Scams, Life Alert, Bike Safety, Brain Function and more.  Raffle, prizes. Free. Scottsdale.
In 2017: January 28

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Dec. 23, 2016

Monthly Market Minute December 2016



Listings Under Contract Up 2.6%

Monthly Closed Sales Up 19%

For Buyers:

Theres both good and bad news for first-time home buyers this month. The good news is that theres been a 22% increase in single family active listings asking between $175,000- $200,000 over the last 10 weeks, going from 1,065 to 1,295. Current inventory is 10% higher than where it was in week 49 of last year, adding some much needed choice to a high demand price range. The added supply is not universal across the valley; increases have been marked specifically in Buckeye, Surprise, Sun City, Peoria and Mesa.

The bad news for home buyers is that supply overall is down 3.7% while the level of com- peting buyers is remaining seasonally consistent. The Southeast Valley specifically has not seen the typical increase in supply that happens this time of year. This indicates that the area will kick off 2017 with low supply just before the expected increase in buyer activity come February. In this case, the cost of waiting to purchase will be a lack of choice and possibly having to compromise on the condition or location of the property they choose to buy.

For Sellers:

Bad news for buyers usually translates into good news for sellers, especially after positive news reports of ranking Phoenix as the #1 projected real estate market in the country for 2017. However, its still not a market to be overpriced regardless of the strong de- mand for homes. Some price ranges have more competing listings than others, especially in areas such as North Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert and Peoria where there is competition from new home subdivisions. Permits for single family homes have been on the rise to accommodate the demand. This provides more choice for buyers in those areas, balances out the market and keeps annual appreciation in check. The areas projected to have the highest appreciation rates are those where there is a high level of fix and flip activity along with a more affordable price range under $175,000.

Commentary written by Tina Tamboer, Senior Real Estate Analyst with The Cromford Report ©2016 Cromford Associates LLC and Tamboer Consulting LLC 

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